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I'm a writer, filmmaker, and creative director on a mission to find and tell stories that hit home while working independently out of Rise and Shine Films. Based in Bern, Switzerland.
what i do


During the realisation of over 200 video and animation projects over the past decade, I wasn't just able to meet and work with numerous great, creative people but also to hone my skills in finding and telling compelling stories. These were my primary roles and skills with which I'm gladly at your service.

Finding just the right idea for your brand, product or project can be as challenging as it can be fun. Let's make sure to find the story that inspires your audience while staying true to your identity.
Bringing ideas to life on the page is key to bringing stories to life in the hearts of your audience. This is as true in copy writing for the reader to enjoy as it is in scriptwriting for the cast and crew to work with.
How to convey complex content with its moving pictures, animations, sounds and tricks when there is just an idea yet? Thats what a great concept gets across; what we are going for and how it's going to hit its audience right in the feels.
Creative Directing
Only if every aspect of your campaign fits tightly to the overall vision in tone, imagery and message you get a concise and powerful communication with impact. I'm here to make sure everybody gets the vision and works into the right direction.
Film Directing
In film making there is a fine line between guiding everybody towards the same vision and hindering the individuals creativity. I strive to enable everybody to be at their greatest while making sure we all work on the same movie.
This is where everything comes together. The fascination for the complex, yet highly rewarding process of assembling images and sounds to one cohesive story still holds true for me. Here is where the pieces become more than their sum.
try, learn, repeat


While my Master of Arts in Mass Media and Communication Research at University of Fribourg (CH) gives me a solid foundation in communication and marketing, it's the thousands of hours spent writing, directing and editing film projects since 2013 that gave me a deep understanding of the medium and storytelling in general.

I was able to gather this experience while working as Creative Director and Filmproducer at Rise and Shine Films ltd. which I co-founded with Manuel Imboden back in 2013.

After all this time, the passion to explore and learn about what makes for a great story and how to best tell it, still burns as bright as ever, as I strive to tackle each new project as a challenge to outshine the last one.

Stories are how we make sense of all the madness around us. If you tell good stories people not only listen, they understand. Let's tell better stories, then!

for it is dangerous to go alone


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